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Vision for Science at St Finian's from Science Lead - Miss Mosely Year 4 Teacher

Science at St. Finian's aims to challenge, inspire and promote the development of skills across the curriculum. Children are encouraged to ask questions about the world around them and develop conceptual knowledge and understanding through different topics such as the human body, light, rocks and soils and many more.  

Children are encouraged to work scientifically throughout their time at St. Finian's in an age-appropriate way that progresses as children move through the school. Children may work scientifically by developing their own scientific enquiries or making comparisons and links with their own experiences and observations. This encourages children to develop their growth mindset skills and abilities.  

As well as following the curriculum, children are encouraged to explore science in the real world. We have made links with businesses such as Bayer, AWE and Action for the River Kennet to bring science alive and encourage children to make links with their scientific understanding and the real world. 

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