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Whole School Curriculum Structure

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Our philosophy for Learning

At St. Finian’s, we want every child to develop a love of learning through discovery of an exciting curriculum with our Christian values at the heart. Our intention is to engage childrens' natural curiosity and help them build the knowledge and skills they need to flourish both now and in the future. Through meaningful learning experiences, we seek connections through all curriculum subjects, setting our learning within practical everyday contexts and prompting discussions about our individual place and purpose in God's world. 

We have high ambitions for every child and encourage the use of a growth mindset, focusing on the development of important learning habits. With these firmly in place, children are in a position to achieve their very best and reach their highest potential. As teachers, we too are lifelong learners. We see our vocation as a privilege and model our own love of learning each day for all the children we teach.  

We recognise that every child is unique and ‘made in God’s image’. Our curriculum is designed to reflect childrens’ interests and suit individual learning styles; this way, their unique talents can flourish. We want our children to use their gifts to make a difference in the world as citizens of the future. We focus on developing their understanding of social justice, diversity and culture, building a respectful appreciation of differences; this stems from an understanding of their own self worth and of building positive relationships with those around them.

St. Finian’s wonderful, rural setting creates many opportunities to explore the local environment and to consider our role as stewards of God’s creation- we make the most of outdoor learning knowing that connecting with the world outside engages childrens' minds in new ways, broadening their outlook and expanding horizons. We organise school trips and encourage visitors into school to talk to our children as a valued part of their learning. In turn they develop a wider appreciation of society and a deeper understanding of their future role in it, following Jesus’ model of unconditional love.

Here are some recent examples of our rich and diverse curriculum at St Finian's.

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