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At St. Finian’s we are committed to providing a rich and diverse PSHE curriculum that equips our children for the opportunities and challenges of society now and in the future. We want them to grow up to be happy, healthy and confident individuals with a strong sense of their own self worth. This comes with a growing understanding of their own feelings and emotions, which in turn, enable them to empathise with the needs of others around them. Our Christian beliefs and school mission are the foundation for our learning in PSHE, knowing we are all loved by God and made in His image.  

PSHE and related subjects are taught both discretely and through other subject areas, for example, RE, English, history, science and PE. Children are taught in a variety of ways, making use of our local community setting, whilst also encouraging visitors to the school who can add to the childrens’ experience and understanding. Through discussion, questioning and debate we aim to encourage our children to grow up to be responsible citizens, who can begin to make informed choices, in a fast changing society.  

Through PSHE, children learn many important life skills including the importance of physical activity & healthy lifestyles, drug education and relationship education. We place a strong emphasis on building positive relationships with peers and adults as a fundamental part of well-being, happiness and academic success. 

Relationship and Health Education (Life to the Full) & Catholic Social Teaching (CST) 

Specifically, every year group follows a programme of study for Catholic primary schools (Life to the Full) created by Ten Ten Resources. This programme teaches Relationships and Health Education within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality, rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the catholic church. It draws upon the themes of catholic social teaching (CST) including our understanding of the dignity and rights of the human person, the importance of family, community and participation. Such themes challenge our understanding of those in need locally and globally, helping us to identify and celebrate differences in culture and traditions as well as exploring our commitment to making a difference using our own unique skills and talents. 

What some of our children say about PSHE lessons

Katie Year 6

"Everyone has a chance to put forward their views."


Cara Year 6

"The things we talk about link to our school values like respect, kindness and empathy."


Danny Year 6

"The topics we discuss help you to explore your feelings and talk about friendships."



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