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Vision for Maths at St Finian's from Maths Lead - Miss Evans Year 2 Teacher

Here at St Finian’s, it is important to us that children love and find enjoyment in maths. We want children to see maths on the timetable and think 'Yes!'

We are passionate that maths is a very hands on practical experience. We do this by using a concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach across the whole school: 

Concrete - This is where children use objects, mathematical and every day to build their understanding of what maths is, whether this be number, shape, measurement or any other concept. This is always our starting point for any mathematical learning from EYFS all the way through to the end of year 6. 

Pictorial - This is when children replace the concrete materials for pictorial representations. 

Abstract - This is where children manipulate the mathematical concepts they understand by reasoning their answers and using what they know to problem solve. 

We aim to develop our children as mathematicians who enjoy engaging with the processes of problem solving and enjoy questioning what they know or how they got their answer, rather than focusing on the completion of calculations. This enables them to be challenge and then to challenge themselves. We embed the core skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division throughout the curriculum showing the importance and application of number in an everyday real life context. 

As well as the core calculation skills, we promote and encourage the importance of learning all concepts in maths: shape, measure, data etc. This like number is through practical creative lessons, which are often, cross-curricular and encourage pupil led investigations. 

Our teaching of mathematics aims to equip children with the necessary numeracy skills to allow them to use different methods and strategies in everyday life as they continue on their learning journeys. 

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