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Vision for Art at St Finian's from Art Lead - Miss Richman Year 1 Teacher

‘The arts make us happier and healthier, and equip us with essential strengths. They help us to create our own value systems and focus a child’s engagement with the world. Through studying the arts, young people cooperate with each other, think, question and collaborate; they learn teamwork, independence and leadership. The arts give children a creative outlet to explore and express their emotions, affording them ways of coping with life’s challenges. They can help in reducing stress, building resilience, raising self-esteem and developing social skills. The arts can make a powerful contribution to a child’s health and wellbeing. Music, plays, dance, literature, visual art and film act as anchors for our existence, an affirmation of our humanity. We owe it to future generations to ensure they experience an education that offers them the whole of life and culture: head, heart and soul.’   Cultural Learning Alliance.

The arts can hold the keys to unlock many doors in our lives. Within this, visual Art has a huge part to play. At St. Finian’s we aim to provide children with the opportunities in Art lessons to:

· develop their Growth Mindset

· make links and transfer skills with other curriculum areas

· make decisions

· practise Oracy skills through expressing and sharing their ideas

· foster an appreciation of the arts

· and exercise their gifts and talents

We endeavour to foster all children’s interest in Art and offer everyone the chance to experience its benefits for our ‘head, heart and soul’. We do this through a skills-based approach; continually building on previous skills and progressively deepening and broadening the range of skills that children have. We draw from a range of stimuli and seek inspiration from a variety of sources with the aim of sparking the interest of as many of our pupils as we can. We try to offer regular experiences for children to engage with Art, through both discrete and embedded Art sessions. We have made links with local artists, such as Frankie Cummins, to draw from their experience and gain inspiration and new insight into the Art skills we are learning. 

To ensure that every child in every class receives these opportunities at St Finian’s, we try to support staff to be confident facilitators of Art by sharing good practise, circulating new ideas and ensuring that we all share this appreciation of making the arts accessible to all. 

Here are several images from an Art week linked with the ‘Laudato Si’ letter from the Pope. We transformed our school hall into an Art gallery and invited parents in to walk around and admire the wonderful art that had been produced by every child in the school.

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