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Welcome to Year 1 - Wagtails Class

Welcome to the Wagtails Class!

As the children leave the EYFS classroom behind and move into the Year 1 space, they take with them their many life lessons and experiences. In Year 1 we support the children to continue consolidating their valuable foundations of learning and begin building upon these as they start learning the statutory National Curriculum schemes of learning. To ensure a smooth transition between classes, the children will continue to learn through play as they develop and secure their personal, social and emotional understanding along with their independence skills, and gradually throughout the year their days will become a little more structured.

As we journey together, we aim to build on our Growth Mindset skills and positive attitude towards our learning. We do this through the skills of the 8 learning puppets. Each puppet is ‘good’ at a characteristic of effective learning – Christopher the Caterpillar who is good at concentrating, Tabitha and Theodore the Tortoises who are good at co-operation, Hugh the Hedgehog who has a go at new things, Isaac the Spider who used his imagination, Ivan the Insect who keeps on improving, Dominic Duck who doesn’t give up, Christian Camel who is curious, and Edward the Elephant who enjoys his learning.

In Year 1 we explore our curriculum through several topics including 'Me and My World', 'Journeys', 'The Big Wide World', 'Blast Off!', 'Garden Adventure' and 'All Change!'. These topics, are designed to allow the children to continue learning in a variety of ways; while moving, exploring outdoors, in groups, on the carpet, and moving around their learning environment; capturing children who favour each different learning style and allowing all children to flourish as they strive to achieve their full potential.

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