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Our Change 4 Life Ambassadors are busy being trained but wanted to share with you their experiments. This experiment centred around what fizzy drinks do to our teeth, how do we know how much sugar is in them and whether we could identify and rank which drinks had the least amount of sugar in them. If your child is interested in attending this club after half term please contact Mrs Stevens to discuss the programme.

“Doing the experiments makes you think about what you eat and drink and shows the effects it can have on your body,” reported James Holden.

group shotMonster egg

The "Monster" egg after four days - the enamel has cracked and eroded. 

Egg chart

What is HALO?

HALO is the school's "Health and Lifestyle Opportunities" group consisting of two pupils each from Years 4, 5 and 6. This group is tasked with bringing to the schools attention opportunities for enhancing healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise.

This page will also include our Change4Life programme and our Healthy Cooking Workshops. 

Change 4 Life

Egg experimentSkittles

The Skittles Experiment after just 20 minutes! This is a replicia of what is happening in your mouth.


HALO Assembly

Waitrose FruitIMG_2650
RachelFruity Friday

Thank you to the HALO group for introducing "Fruity Friday" at St. Finian's.

For £1.50 KS2 children (Years 2 to 6) recieve a piece of fruit every Friday for a term.  It has been a great success; most children have participated in this scheme and it is lovely to see the KS2 children eating fruit in the playground!

It is not to late to join - if you would like to join, please send in £1.50 to the school office.

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