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"WOW" - "Worker of the Week"

Each week, we celebrate some of out pupil's work in our Mission Leaf Assembly. 

Two awards are given out; a presentation award and an award for showing their learning power in action. 

This week's winner is:

Kiara (Year 2)

Mrs Middleton asked Kiara to count the number of Multi-link she had given her and to show the number using Numicon. She independently showed this in three different ways.

Mrs Middleton then asked her to write the number sentences which would go with different Numicon combinations.

Previous Winners are:

Patrick (Year 6) for his excellent maths presentation.

Mary and Tanya (Year 6) for their fabulous collaboration, preservation and determination to succeed in maths. 

Daniel (Year 3) for his resilience and enthusiasm in maths. 

William (Year 5) for showing his 'Growth Mindest' in maths.

Olivia R (Year 6) for her presentation in maths.

Kiara (Year 2) for her use of multi-link during maths.

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