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 The whole school took part in our first St. Patrick’s day charity run to raise money for our twin school, St. Peter and St. Paul’s in Bamenda, Cameroon and for maths resources.

It was a great day with the priority being to have fun and they did! For each lap the children ran – they received a sticker and who would have thought that they would run so many laps – Mrs. Stevens nearly ran out of stickers.  Well done and thank you to everyone who sponsored, ran, raised money and supported this event. Polite reminder:  please return all sponsorship money to the school office as soon as possible.

To date we have raised £2055 without gift aid. WOW! 

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Hungerford Tag Rugby Festival

Hungerford Tag

”On Friday 31st March, year 3 and 4 tag rugby team went to play in the Hungerford RFC tournament. We played six matches against six other primary schools from West Berkshire. The matches were eight minutes long and there with seven players (including one girl) on the pitch. Darcey and Olivia were brilliant! The whole team played fantastically, especially since it was the first time we had played as a separate team together. Zach and Sam made some brilliant try- scoring runs, great team work and tagging from Inigo, Alexander and Arthur and some brilliant support from Louis. The result… St. Finian’s played six games and won six! Roll on next season!”

Report by Joe Cooper, Year 3

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Year 2 Swimming Gala at The Oratory, Pangbourne

"On Monday 19th June, Cara, Bethany and Cormac competed against five other schools. in the Year 2 swimming gala.

We were a bit scared when we arrived at the Oratory, but everyone was really friendly and made us welcome. We worked as a team and raced lots of times across the pool doing different strokes to win points for the school.

We cheered each other on (loudly) and we had a great time and we came third. YIPEE!

It was fantastic fun and we all had a great time."

Bethany, Year 2

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West Berkshire & North Hants Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2017

The 19th West Berkshire and North Hampshire Primary Schools Cross Country run by Team Kennet took place on a warm sunny day with a breezy west wind at the Newbury Showground.  Forty eight schools competed with a record amount of taking part. This year 40 St Finian’s children participated and they ran their socks off! The year 3/4 ran just over a mile while the years 5/6 ran a mile and a half. Highlights include: Daniel Joita coming 13th and Inigo Alvarez 22nd out of a race of 308 runners and Oliver Humphrey coming 74th, Lucas Sammartino  67th, Freddie Blair 39th and Oscar MCClure coming 6th out of 330 runners. Wow!  Well done to everyone who ran – you did an amazing job!

“Cross Country was fun! Lots of St. Finian’s participated in the cross country and we had fun. It did not matter what position we came – we all tried our hardest and we had a great time.”

Ela H, Freddie B and Harry S

CCountrycross country(1)Hungerford Rugby

Park House Infants Football Festival

This picture says a thousand words. Our Infant football team are beaming with pride after their great performance at the Infant festival. They played a brilliant series of games and showed great sportsmanship. Cormac excelled in defence not letting a ball past him, Lucas was such an amazing goalkeeper and he even scored a goal! Danny and Austin scored goal after goal with their brilliant ball skills and George, Ben and Joe defended defended defended. Briliant job boys!

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