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Maths- No problem!

Our focus on problem solving this term is helping us to apply the mathematical knowledge we have gained throughout KS2. The acronym ‘RICE’ is helping us break down a word problem into manageable steps and approach a problem solving task logically and methodically. It stands for Read, Illustrate, Calculate, Explain. We are finding that using diagrams and pictures to help us understand and visualise our maths (I for Illustrate) is a practical and effective technique to help us. This has been especially useful during the Autumn term when tackling ratio and proportion questions, fractions and measures.  


Tunes on the terrace!

Music All Around- If you happen to walk past Y6 during your lunchtime break, you may well be signed up for the (now well established) music ensemble created by a group of our Y6 girls. With Elisa (composer and director) on guitar and Lucy, Sofia S and Libby on vocals and percussion, you will be treated to their own repertoire of songs and improvisations- our very own musical maestros! How Fantastic!

the groupwideland 1

Remembrance Day

Thank you to Natalia and Sofia Evans who played ‘Abide with Me’ on their flute and violin to mark Remembrance Day during our school assembly in November. This was followed by a special worship led by Miss Page, which helped us think about the role we all have in creating peace and harmony at school and in our world today. In the words of the Beatitudes-‘Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth.

Topic: "Groovy Greeks"

We’ve had great fun learning about ancient Greek culture and lifestyles, considering the impact the discoveries and advancements (made by famous Greek physicians, mathematicians and philosophers) have had on society today. We are developing our independent learning skills and using ICT to follow our own lines of enquiry, exploring questions such as – What were the city states? How did they compare to modern democracy today? Who is the Parthenon dedicated to? What is its significance? What was Pheidippedes achievement? 


Are you sitting comfortably? ... then I'll begin.

We have enjoyed exploring stories from other cultures this term, making use of our own Story Bags to re-tell the tales from far and distant lands. Everyone chose a story to find out about and read, before identifying a selection of objects that represented key events or characters in the story. The objects helped to provide a hook and engage our audience, whilst providing added confidence in developing our story telling skills.

the tale

Landscape Art

Yr 6 have been focusing on their art skills this term thinking carefully about how to create depth and perspective using different tones and shading. Earlier this term, our class text (The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo) created inspiration for our coastal scenes, painted in watercolour.

land 2
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